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Patent Protected: 10/20/2017

Innovative Medication Delivery System

Inhaler interface includes one or more medication injection ports for the introduction of medication, delivered over time, in addition to or to supplement those already in the nebulizer chamber.

Function: Allows better delivery of medications, thus opening up the possibility of nasal administration of new or old medications given PO/IV/Inhaled/Trans-dermal

 Benefits: Provides continuous nasal inhalation of medication. Enables more medication to be delivered. Reduces exposures to the lungs compared to orally inhaled products. Prevents adverse gastric pH effects on the medication. Reduces amount of medication required and possibly increase medication in body.

Potential Advantage: Reduce lung toxicity. Reduce site pain [e.g., I.V.]. Reduce site infection [e.g., Staph or MRSA]. Improve the delivery of medications targeting sinus infection, respiratory infections, and other infections [e.g., inhaled insulin or antibiotics]. May be an alternative to IV administered medication [e.g., inhalation of antitumor medication or antibiotics directed at the lung].

Additional Advantage: Alternative to IV administration [e.g., Antitrypsin delivery to nasal mucosa and lungs]. Administer medicaments [e.g., Pain medication and Cannabis-based liquids/oils.

short non-limiting list: Antihistamines; Corticosteroids [Various types]; Insulin; Saline Rinses; Nasal Steroids; Vasoconstrictors; Pain Medications; Chemotherapy drugs; RA infusion medication; Lupus IV medications; Stem cell therapy medications; Antibiotics [various types]; Cannabis products [liquids/oils]; Nausea/vomiting medications.

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