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The Answers Are Within

 Only You Have The Answers To Your Journey !!! 

Hear, Believe, Trust, and Evolve; While Exhaling The Fear and Conditioned Programing. 

My aspiration is to empower humans to identify thoughts, behaviors, people, and environments that feed the wounded child, preventing him or her from growth and embracing the full spectrum of Authentic Self. 

"The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is To Become Who You Truly Are." 

~ C.G. Jung

Wounded Child vs Authentic Self

Wounded Child

"It's Necessary To Own And Honor The Child You Were In Order To Love The Person You Are" ~ Robert Burnez

FEAR: Friends will judge me

FEAR: Parents won't love me

FEAR: I'll be considered a failure

FEAR: Hateful projection from everyone 

FEAR: Everyone may think I am an unloving and bad parent

FEAR: My partner will take our separation out on our child/children

FEAR: When I'm gone who is going to be influencing my child/children

Are the humans surrounding you, and the environment you are within fueling the "Wounded Child" by keeping you in fear, chaos, doubt, and conditioned behavior?

Authentic Self

"Remind Yourself That You Cannot Fail At Being Yourself" 

~Wayne Dyer

FACT: This is not healthy

FACT: I am worthy of love

FACT: I embrace my passion to succeed

FACT: I surround myself with humans who empower me

FACT: Remaining is an unhealthy example for our child/children

FACT: It is not my responsibility to own or prevent others reactions

FACT: I cannot control everything, but I can be a healthy example 

Are the humans surrounding you, and the environment you are within empowering you to embrace your "Truth" and "Authentic Self" while encouraging you to integrate the wounded child?

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own  heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - C. G.  Jung. 


“The more you’re in touch with who you are, the more your internal chatter will decrease and you will develop more clarity. As the deepest  parts of your being rise to the surface, you will notice a state of  peace and calmness in your soul.  The longest journey you’ll ever take is the one where you need to find yourself.” ~Consciousness

Who Are You? What Do You Want?

"Assimilation With Denial Is 'Death' To Truth, Soul, and Authentic Self." ~ Mimi

This Is Your Journey:

Choose to continue serving and feeding the wounded child, or shut down the fears of the wounded child by acknowledging and integrating them instead.  Through acknowledgment and integration one will be able to empower ones self [Self] to explore, learn, and discover their subjective Truth, which will illuminate the spectrum of Authentic Self.

Who Are You?  What Do You Want?

This will be unveiled as one integrates the wounded child, and embraces ones Authentic Self. Additionally, this is subject to change. The answers to those two questions will change as one grows, and as one Self Actualizes.

"You Don't Know Until You Know, Once You Know, Change It." ~ Mimi

No one can walk your path for you, or help, love, enlighten, or become unhealthy enough with you to create change for you. Nor is it anyone elses responsibility to want or make you grow.  It is each individual's choice to remain as is, or walk through the fear, and embrace ones Truth and Authentic Self. 

Note: Not all Humans will want to integrate their wounded child toward growth, and that is their free will and choice.  No one need project upon anyone else their subjective expectations.  Just as, no one need to feel guilt or fear for wanting to move forward, away from those who do not want to expand, so to move toward growth, subjective Truth, and Authentic Self.

Who You Surround Yourself With, and What You Surround Yourself With, You Will Become.

A very important part to ask yourself is: Who are you surrounding yourself with?  What is surrounding you within your environment? [Law of attraction]

Are the people you are surrounding yourself with fueling the fears of the wounded child, and keeping you in chaos, doubt, fear, conditioned childhood behavior?  Or, are the people you are surrounding yourself with empowering you to find and embrace your Truth and Authentic Self, while helping you to identify the wounded child so you may integrate and heal?

The Answers Are Within:

I believe we are all born with the tools and guidance within us for our own journey.  Yet, through conditioning and projected parental, ancestral, cultural, and societal fears we are taught not to "Hear" the innate inner guidance.

"Stop looking outside for answers, rather look within for Truth!!!" ~ Mimi



Only You Can Integrate The Wounded Child [Shadow/Unconscious]. 

You Have To Want Change, Integration, and Growth To Embrace Self Actualization. 

I Cannot Fix You, Enlighten You, Or Want Change For You.  All I can Do is Hold A Safe Space, Witness You, And Share A Different Perspective To Ponder. From That Point Forward If Something Resonates, Embrace It, If Not Toss It.  

Only You Are The Expert For Your Own Journey. May You Embrace The Courage To Truly Look At Your Life, And Change Everything That Is Unhealthy And Restricting You From Growth.

"Courage Is Being Yourself Everyday In A World That Expects You To Be Someone Else."

~Astrid Maclean

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Empower Humans To Be Their Authentic Self. To empower the spectrum of Subjective Truth to manifest aspirations along ones journey: business, career, personally, publicly, socially, and spiritually. 


Innovative Medication Delivery System. Designed, Developed, Market, Patent, and Pitch. Inspired from my personal journey of the first 20 years of life


List of books I and others find interesting to inspire as one walks their life's journey. Remember: take what resonates, and toss what does not work for you. This is your journey. 


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Personal Thoughts

I Own My Journey


I'm truly grateful for the journey I have been given thus far. I feel as if I've lived five lifetimes in one​, with more to come​.

Upon reflection I realize that every step ​I have ​taken, and every choice I ​have ​made​,​ has empowered me toward my Truth and Authentic Self. ​I also realize that Not ​making a choice is still choosing​, and it surrenders Free Will to others to direct and navigate my path​.​

The spectrum of my journey has consisted of many challenges and bumps as well as beautiful and magical moments. There have been so many experiences, and lessons learned along the way. Some that family, friends, and society may consider wrong ​and​ judge, and some that allowed me to ​embrace the beauty of love, life, and ​expansion.

All I see as a gift and blessing.

I  do not feel shame, guilt, or ​feel ​less than for any experience along my path. I fully own all my choices, and I am grateful for each one regardless of how difficult or joyful because ​they helped me expand in ways I never even thought possible.

With each step I have taken it has helped me focus my sense of Self, understand what I want and don't want [Healthy vs Unhealthy], and  allowed me to embrace the Woman [Feminine Energy] and Authentic Self I am today.​

As for relationships: I honor and respect the few men [Masculine Energy] I have been with.  Without the experiences with each of them, I would not be me. I fully own my part of each co-creation by embracing the expansion, learning the lessons, making the changes, and holding the beauty shared from each experience. I wish each of them all the beauty that life has to offer. I'm very happy to say each of them have chosen to remain my friend, and keep in contact over the years.

I think my process of integrating the wounded child began in my early twenties when I had a very vivid dream. Within My Dream:

I  was standing in an empty, low quality lit room. In fact, the corners of the room were blacked out. While standing alone, gazing into the darkness of the room, I heard a noise coming from the corner. I gently said, "Who's there, please come out." The small child like figure stepped forward toward me, yet remained near the darkness. I walked over to the child, and as I knelt down to say, "Hello," I looked into the little girl's eyes, and realized it was me at seven years old.  At that moment, as an adult, I hugged the child within, then looked myself in the eyes to say, "Don't be afraid, I will take care of you from now on." 


That dream was a pivotal moment for me. When I woke, I realized I needed to begin really looking at everything that had affected me along my journey, and remain mindful of everything to come that may affect me so to integrate and process as I go. 


Everyone has their own path, and will need to decide for themselves how that may or may not unfold. No judgment, no projections, no guilt, no induced fear should ever be throw or accepted, to or from anyone regarding another journey. 

Artie Wu Explains

Inner Voice [child wound]:


A child’s deepest emotional wounds are typically inherited from the parents – but it is not the parents’ fault.

Here’s How It Happens:

Every family has a certain sensibility around what is “normal and good,” and what is not. When a child strays outside this zone, the parents will guide him/her back, which is fine—but then there is a vast range of styles and values around how to get this done.

  • How does a family get its kids back into the desired zone? 
  • Does it use patient explanations? 
  • Does it allow for questioning and discussion?
  • Or does it use sarcasm and ridicule? 
  • Does it use physical violence? 
  • Does it use shame?
  • Or does it demand a “perfect image” in front of friends and outsiders? 
  • And hold “perfection and success” as a condition for “earning love”?

Every family will have a “typical mode” of how it teaches values and enforces behavior. And if the normal mode of a family makes heavy use of unquestionable, unexplained rules:

  • shame, 
  • sarcasm 
  • violence
  • "perfection and achievement" as ways to “earn love” 
  • A powerful inner voice of “never good enough” will develop as a result.

This harsh, bullying inner voice will then be active in the mind, long after the child has grown up — and even after his/her parents have passed on. The self-negative voice lives on in the mind, wreaking havoc on health and home - even spreading to ones own children - until the person is able to pin it down, and self-heal it.

Who’s to blame in all this?

Since this self-negative inner voice must be inherited in order to be passed on, it is not really fair to blame any single generation of parent in the long flow of generations.

Said another way, if you feel you got a self-negative inner voice from your own parents, it is not fair to blame just them, because they got it from their parents too. Your specific strain of self-negative inner voice has traveled a long way to get to you — it has transmuted and come down through countless generations of your family, right alongside your hair color, religious beliefs and language. It’s all one flow.