Dr. David Sowerby [Consultant/Professor/Author]


I have known Mimi for a number of years.  Her passion for life, compassion for others and sincere desire to be of service to them, intuitive sensitivity, and firm resolve are inspiring.  I have been impressed with her ability to defy the odds during extremely challenging situations; she is never deterred during setbacks.  She is a very positive force for change in this world. Testimonies: Dr. Sowerby Consulting

Jenny Stevenson [Producer/ Life Coach]


"Mimi hesitates to call herself this, but she is a warrior. She is genuine and passionate about the people she helps and the causes she champions. Because of her own life experiences, Mimi wants the outliers - the hurt and the marginalized - to receive compassion and justice. Knowing Mimi and working with her is enriching and inspiring." Testimonies:The Survivor's Guide to Life

Daniel Woods [Aerospace-High Tech/ Advocate for Fathers]


I met Mimi when we struck up a conversation at a Starbucks one day, and I really just feel like our paths were destined to cross. Mimi is such an awesome human and a great friend. The way she advocates and stands up for the rights of fathers and men has inspired  me to stand up and tell my story of walking away from an unhealthy relationship and choosing to value my happiness, and to help other men as well. She is always so positive and I trust her observation and perspective. Testimonies:  F.R.E.E.

Katharine "Kat" Kramer [Producer/Actress/Singer/ Journalist]


Congratulations Mimi! 

It's clear that Mimi Amaral is a "pioneer" in the creation of Entertainment Psychology.
I'm developing  a docuseries on her 2 Amazon Bestsellers, "Bright Lights, Dark Shadows": The Shadow Side Of Fame, and "Emasculated:Men Are Abused Too."  Both books bring awareness to important issues we need to address in our society today.  
Katharine "Kat" Kramer
Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World

John Costello [Businessman/Author]


I have personally known Mimi for years from many social events we both attended over a decade. However, I did not know about the health challenges she faced as a kid and beyond. It is a tribute to her great character, perseverance, will and determination, that she has taken these challenges head on. Her story is inspirational and uplifting.

Facebook: Executive hoodlum

Lori Mathis [Professional Athlete/ Trainer]


Over the past 20 years I’ve experienced my share of ups and downs personally.  I had never taken the opportunity to speak with someone about my own struggles. I just powered through it. Until meeting Mimi nearly 6 years ago, she opened my eyes to an entirely different mindset. She’s been empowering me since the day we met. She is one of the most humble, genuine, kind souls I have ever met. Her story is remarkable and I am honored to call Mimi my life confidant and most of all my friend. Facebook: Trainer

Marshall Hilliard [Athlete/Actor]


I have known MiMi for well over 15 years.  Through the years I would describe MiMi as Pure Loving, Caring Energy.  I have witnessed Her deal with issues and challenges head on, and come out victorious. MiMi's story  is a great example of two Laws:  The Law of Love and The Law of attraction. I genuinely believe that MiMi is going to be a huge success and will enlighten and touch many Souls. Facebook: Marshall

Dr. Tami Gager [Psychologist]


"Mimi is a dedicated advocate for empowering health and wellness and the power of positive thinking.  As an advocate for herself at a young age, she overcame the odds to achieve great things.  Her goal now is to share her experiences through speaking and authorship to empower others." A+ Editing and Consulting

Isaac Singleton Jr. [Actor/Voiceover Artist]


I have known Mimi for many years. When I think of Mimi, I think of perseverance and light. Mimi is a true light in this world. Her insight on the daily life of the human condition is astounding. Her many perspectives can help one live a more happy and fulfilled life. Her perseverance and determination is that of an elite athlete. She continues to push herself to heights most could only dream of. She has defied the odds give her and excels daily. She is an excellent teacher and lives by her own example. Mimi is truly a superstar among us on this earth. Enjoy your journey with her. I know I have. I'm very grateful to call her a friend. Facebook: Actor

Mahdi Lima [Biostatistician]


Mimi and I met when she was driving through Kentucky, and I was working as a barista. Within a few minutes of talking to Mimi, I instantly picked up on her enthusiasm and positive attitude, which was so infectious. I was so intrigued by her outlooks on life that I just knew that I wanted to stay connected with such a beautiful human. To this day I can say that no matter where we have traveled in this world, Mimi has always been a mentor and big sister.  Mimi is an incredibly loyal friend, and I look forward to seeing where our friendship will take us next! Facebook: Mahdi

Robin Mortarotti [Producer/Filmographer]


Mimi is Life, authentically and honestly presented.

She is the only person I have ever met that seems to have a genuine connection to the cosmos and the mystical, spiritual realm we all are trying to understand, both in our own lives as well as in the lives of others we connect with.

With good reason I call her my spiritual advisor and soul mate. I’ve never met anyone quite as genuine or beautifully expressed as she is. She touches a lucky few deeply with her unconditional, calming, patient and generous love. The profound impact she has on others lives is mirrored in her own life with self love, despite the life threatening challenges she has dealt with since childhood.

Mimi reminds us that love is the most precious gift in the world. I have been deeply touched by this rare and wonderful woman, as I’m sure others will be in their private or public experiences with her.

I celebrate the resiliency of her spirit, her honesty and deep insights into the human and spiritual psych. She is amazing!

Sending her positive energy always. Facebook: Robin

Ashley Banks [Transformational Coach]


Mimi is literally a walking miracle, and an agent for change in this world. She is truly such a bright light of pure  love and kindness. Ever since she has come into me and my honey's lives she has been nothing but positive, uplifting, and all about sharing the love. Mimi elevates the vibe of the room when she enters it, and just her presence makes you want to be a better  person for yourself and humanity. The work she is doing as an author and in the entertainment industry is something that society, and the world, is unconsciously longing for and needs to hear. The dialogues she is willing to start, the truth she bravely shares,  the advocacy and insistence on fairness and equality is truly touching and beautiful and you can't help but want to know more and learn more about her and the causes close to her heart. With everything Mimi has persevered, survived, and thrived through she  is still smiling and genuinely positive through it. She is one of the smartest and most beautiful people I have the pleasure of knowing and sharing ideas with, and I proudly share and recommend her work. Facebook: Transformational Coach

Zsuzsi and Denis


 "In 2012 we first met Mimi in her capacity as intern assigned to my dear  mother-in-law and friend who had just entered the assisted living  facility as a hospice patient, suffering with dementia.  Our lives at  that point had in an instant turned utterly chaotic, terrifying,  anguished, despairing:  a relentless nightmare into which we entered day  after day for the next six years. Mimi's vital part  in the facility’s health care team quickly became an indispensable  resource, crucial to not just my mother-in-law’s survival and quality of  life, but to ours as well.  Her unique gifts, insights, loving and  generous spirit combined with her impressive breadth of accomplishments  and education are all part of her brilliance. Thus,  in her many roles as knowledgeable, unwavering, indefatigable and  nurturing medical advisor, counselor, ombudsman, advocate, spiritual  counselor  Mimi grew to be  indispensable to our lives and ultimately, a  friend and member of the family. Anyone who is  caring for a loved one with a protracted chronic illness knows the  complex and multitude heartaches and challenges (financial, physical,  psychological and emotional) facing them.  We could not have endured it  and come through it without her guidance and friendship. Our gratitude  is ineffable and infinite." ~Zsuzsi

"Moving  my mother into an assisted living facility was for us a descent into a  living hell that would last six years. When we first met Mimi in her  role as our intern her cheerful, friendly manner was welcome but seemed  incidental to, and somewhat at odds with  the intensity of our  experience. This impression quickly changed as we saw that her  cheerfulness was a reflection of a deep understanding of what it means  to be alive; she became integral and essential to our ability to survive  witnessing my mother’s slow, painful  decline. I am so happy to know this rare gem of a human being." ~Denis

Rick Turner [DJ / Karaoke DJ]



We originally met through Kristen McNamara way back when she was 13 or 14 singing in Santa Rosa. Mimi and I have known each other many years. Then we haven’t seen each other for many years. Then when I got my cancer Mimi and I got reconnected and been friends every since. Mimi helped me get through my cancer and she’s a wonderful person. Rick Turner 

Dawn Sutherland [Wife and Mother]


"I met Mimi at a local coffee house and just instantly became friends. Her story is one of perserverance, bravery, hope and never giving up. I could not be more proud and honored to call her my friend. She is willing to discuss and bring awareness to topics I dont think anyone has had the guts to do. She embraces the idea of human kindness to a level uncomparable to anyone and carries with her an aura of love, authenticity and determination that extends beyond our universe.

Mimi, you are changing lives with your words and willingness to share your story, and giving a platform for others to share theirs. I cannot imagine how many lives you have already touched and the millions more that will be changed because of you." 

Dawn Sutherland

Much Gratitude

Thank you to everyone who wrote a testimony. I feel blessed that you choose to call me friend, and honored that you trust me to be a part of your life's journey. Thank you also for the co-creation, teamwork, and mutual human respect. Empowering energy to all.