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Mimi Amaral

If you listened to the two podcasts linked below and on the main page you understand, due to life threatening congenital autoimmune deficiency and heart complications, I have walked the walk I talk. Throughout my life I had to advocate for myself, acknowledge wounds, process the lessons, and let go of the unhealthy to heal my mind, heart, body, and spirit to integrate a healthier way of existing so to find my “Truth” and embrace my Authentic Self.  [ Podcast linked below]

I believe this is a continual process for me, and I will continue to challenge myself to grow until my last breath.  

From birth, I have faced and walked through adverse circumstances that lead me to a diagnosis of death at age fifteen, and a prognosis that I would never live past the age of twenty. I did not succumb to the belief set forth by doctors, and at twenty chose to change my outcome even if it meant: “To live to live, or live to die.” 

My first step out of the hospital and into the world connected me directly with the entertainment and sports industries. I have been interacting with professionals within the entertainment, sports, news, and political industries for 30 years. 

Additionally, through my pursuit of self-actualization I have found a passion for advocating for others. I have accomplished this by writing three books, speaking for RAINN, developing and directing a video for Vagina Monologues, and writing articles to help uplift others and support special causes. 

Furthermore, through my educational quest I have helped and interacted with at risk youth, adults with dual diagnosis [mental illness], elders with Dementia/Alzheimer, Grief and Family support, and developed programs for caregivers within an organizational environment. Accomplished over the past 10 years.


A.A.: Human Resource Administration [Santa Rosa Junior College]

A.A.S.: General with Two Certificates Computer Science - Microcomputer Systems Specialist & Microcomputer Systems User - [Santa Rosa Junior College]

B.A.: Psychology and Business [Sonoma State University] 

M.A.: Clinical Psychology [California Institute of Integral Studies]

Psy-D.: Clinical Psychology [California Institute of Integral Studies]


Only You Are The Expert For Your Own Journey. May You Embrace The Courage To Truly Look At Your Life, and Change Everything That Is Unhealthy and Restricting You From Growth.




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Golden Rule: No Harm To Self Or Other.