Reading List - Self-Actualize

Accumulation of Readings - Something For Everyone

If Something Resonates, Embrace It. If Not, Toss It. This Is Your Journey.

Agor, W. H.  Intuition in organizations: Leading and managing productively 

Anand, M. The art of sexual ecstasy. 

Assagioli, R.  Psychosynthesis:  A  manual of principles and techniques.

Baars, B. J. In the theater of consciousness:The workspace of the mind. 

Bailey, A. A. From intellect to intuition.


Bergson, H. Creative evolution.


Bluebond-Langner, M. The private worlds of dying children.

Bolen, J. S. Goddesses in every woman: A new psychology of women.

Booth, W. A little book on the human shadow.

Bradshaw, J. Healing the Shame That Binds You.

Bradshaw, J. Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child.

Bulkeley, K.  Transforming dreams: Learning spiritual lessons from the dreams you never forget.


Burgen, J. No More Dragons.

Cannon, D. The Convoluted Universe; Volume 1, 2 & 3.

Capacchinione, L. Recovery of Your Inner Child: The Highly Acclaimed Method for Liberating Your Inner Self.

Capacchione, L. The Power of Your Other Hand:A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain.

Cayce, E. Edgar Cayce - My life as a seer: The lost memories.


Chia, M. Healing love through the Tao: Cultivating female sexual energy.

Chia, M. Winn, M. Taoist secrets of love cultivating male sexual energy.

Chodron, P. When things fall apart: heart advice for difficult times.

Chodron, P. The places that scare you: A guide to fearlessness in difficult times.

Chopras, D.  You are the universe.

Chopra, D., Ford, D. & Williamson, M. The Shadow Effect:Illuminating the hidden power of your true Self.


Dannenfelser, D. Game on: what I learned during my time as the shrink to the NY Jets -How to achieve anything you want in life.

Deida, D. The way of the superior man: A spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire. 

Delaney, G. Living your dreams: Using sleep to solve problems and make your best dreams come true.


Dispenza, J. How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself . 

Dodson, F. Levels of Energy.

Dwoskin, H. The Sedona Method:Your key to lasting happiness, success, peace, and emotional well-being.

Fosha, Siegel, & Solomon. The healing power of emotion. 


Fraiberg, S. H. The magic years: understanding and handling the problems of early childhood.

Frenkel, E. Love & Math: The heart of hidden reality.

Gendlin, E. T. Focusing.

Gibson, L. Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents.

Glover, R. A. No more Mr. Nice Guy: A proven plan for getting what you want in love, sex, and life.

Goldman, A. Emotional Intelligence: why it is more important than IQ and how you can improve yours.

Goleman, D. Social Intelligence: beyond IQ, Beyond Emotional Intelligence.

Grof, S. When the impossible happens: Adventures in non-ordinary realities.

Hanh, T. N. Reconciliation: Healing the inner child.


Harner, M.  The way of the shaman.

Harris, C.T.B. Emasculation of the Unicorn: The loss and rebuilding of masculinity in America.

Harris, S. Waking Up:A guide to spirituality without religion. 

Herman, J. Trauma and recovery: the aftermath of violence - from domestic abuse to political terror. 

Hicks, E. & Hicks, J. Ask and it is given: learning to manifest your desires.

Hill, N. Think and Grow Rich.


Hubbard, M. B. Conscious Evolution: Awakening the power of our social potential.

Hunt, V. V. Infinite mind: Science of the human vibrations of consciousness .


James, W. The varieties of religious experience: A study in human nature.

Johnson, R. A. Ecstasy: understanding the psychology of joy. 

Johnson, R. A. He: understanding masculine psychology.

Johnson, R. A. Inner Work: Using dreams & active imagination for personal growth.

Johnson, R. A. Lying with the heavenly woman:Understanding and integrating the feminine archetypes in Men's lives.

Johnson, R. A. Owning your own shadow: Understanding the dark side of the psyche. 

Johnson, R. A. She: understanding feminine psychology.

Johnson, R. A. We: understanding the psychology of romantic love.

Jung, C. G. Memories, dreams, reflections.


Jung, C. G. The red book.


Laszlo, E. Science and the akashic field: An integral theory of everything.

Lawrence, D. H. Lady Chatterley's lover. 

Lipton, B. Biology of Belief

Maltz, M.  Psyhocybernetics .

Marco, T. D. Heartgasm: Increasing intimacy & ecstasy with your beloved.

Maslow, A. H. The farther reaches of human nature. 

Mata, S. D. Intuition: Soul-guidance for life's decisions.


Myss, C. Sacred Contracts: Awakening your divine potential.

Nelson, B. The Emotion Code:how to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love and happiness.

Paul, M. Inner Bonding: Becoming A Loving Adult To Your Inner Child.

Orloff, J. Second sight. 

Radin, D.  Entangled minds: Extrasensory experiences in a quantum reality.

Richo, D. Shadow Dance: Liberating the power & creativity of your dark side.

Roberts, J. The Nature of Personal Reality. 

Roberts, R. Healing Within: The Wounded Child - Heal Your Wounds, change Your Life.

Roman, S. Personal power through awareness: A guidebook for sensitive people.

Schwartz, B. & Scwarts, L. How to learn the amazing "Venus Butterfly" technique.

Secunda, B. & Allen, M. Fit soul fit body: 9 keys to a healthier, happier you. 

Shirley, D. A., & Langan-Fox, J. Intuition: A review of the literature.

Siegel, D. J. The developing mind: How relationships and the brain interact to shape who we are.

Singer, M. Untethered Soul .


Solomon & Siegel. Healing trauma: attachment, mind, body, and brain.

Sowerby, D. F. The light of inner guidance: A heuristic study of the recognition and interpretation of intuition.   

Sowerby, D. F. Intuition and dreams: How to realize your healing potential in all areas life.

Sugarman, L. Life-span development. 

Tart, C. T. The end of materialism: How evidence of the paranormal is bringing science and spirit together. 

Taylor, J. Where people fly and water runs uphill: Using dreams to tap the wisdom of the unconscious.

Taylor, P. Expanded Orgasm: Soar to ecstasy at your lover's every touch.

Taylor, S. Waking from sleep: why awakening experiences occur and how to make them permanent

Tolle, E. The Power of Now.

Tomassi, R. The Rational Male.

Van Dusen, W. The presence of other worlds: The psychological/spiritual findings of Emanuel Swedenborg. 


Vaughan, F. E. Awakening intuition

Warren, N. Dimensions of unity:Dialogues of spirituality, science, and society.

Wade, J. Transcendent Sex: when lovemaking opens the veil.  

Whitfield, C. L. Healing the Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families.

Wild, K. W.  Intuition

Yogananda, P. Journey to Self-realization: Collected talks and essays on realizing God in daily life, Volume III.  


Zeland, V. Reality Transurfing 

Zohar, D. The Quantum Self:Human nature and consciousness defined by the new physics.

Zweig & Abrams. Meeting the Shadow: The hidden power of the dark side of human nature.  


Zweig & Wolf. Romancing the Shadow: A guide to soul work for a vital, authentic life.