Public Speaker



Bring Awareness to and Advocate for: RAINN [Rape, Assault, Incest, National Network], Verity: Rape, Crisis, Trauma Center; Death Process; Abuse Toward Men/Boys; Risks for our Youth, and share my Personal Medical Journey



Death: Before and After. Everything you may want to know about walking through with a  friend/loved one [i.e. palliative care, living trust, after death, and more] 

Book : Death: Before & After, A Survivors Guide

Podcast: The Survivors Guide To Life 37

Podcast: The Survivors Guide To Life 38

Podcast: The Survivors Guide To Life 39

Podcast: The Survivors Guide To Life 40

KCAA Radio Interview Start 21:22: Controlled Chaos



Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side of Celebrity and Fame [i.e. advocacy, Fall from Grace, Lack of Personal Space, Life Style Risks, and more].

Book:  Bright Lights, Dark Shadows Onlinebookclub: Review

Men's Groups


Bringing Awareness to the fact that domestic Violence does not discriminate and that "Men Are Abused Too." 

Book: Emasculated: Men Are Abused Too



Sharing my medical diagnosis of death at age fifteen, and empowering others to advocate for themselves and co-create their journey with their doctors.

PODCAST # 17 and POCAST # 19

Lurking In The Dark


Lurking in the Dark: Reality of the Times. Everything our Youth Needs to Know. [i.e. Abuse physical/sexual], Active Shooters, Bullying, Responsible Sexuality, Substance Abuse, and more] Book: In writing process