Public Speaker

Community and Conventions


Bring Awareness to and Advocate for: RAINN [Rape, Assault, Incest, National Network], Death Process, Abuse Toward Men/Boys, Risks for our Youth, and share my Personal Medical Journey

Death: A Survivors Guide


Death: Before and After. Everything you need to know about walking through with a  friend/loved one [i.e. palliative care, living trust, after death, and more] Book coming soon



Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side of Celebrity and Fame [i.e. advocacy, Fall from Grace, Lack of Personal Space, Life Style Risks, and more]. Bright Lights, Dark Shadows

Law Enforcement and Men's Groups


Bringing Awareness to the fact that domestic Violence does not discriminate and that "Men Are Abused Too." Emasculated

Medical Professionals and Patients


Sharing my medical diagnosis of death at age fifteen, and empowering others to advocate for themselves and co-create their journey.

PODCAST # 17 and POCAST # 19

Our Youth: Middle School, High School, and College


Lurking in the Dark: Reality of the Times. Everything our Youth Needs to Know. [i.e. Abuse physical/sexual], Active Shooters, Bullying, Responsible Sexuality, Substance Abuse, and more] Book: In writing process